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PrimoCache 4.2.1 Crack With Serial Key Free Full Download 2022

primocache crack

PrimoCache Crack is a software caching plug-in that collaborates with physical memory, solid state drives (SSDs), and flash drives to provide data caching for local physical disks. It transparently stores data on disk in fast cache devices, such as physical memory, so future requests are made to read this data directly from the cache and faster. Therefore, the access time will be reduced, which indicates a significant improvement in the overall performance of the system. The program can run the caching mechanism using flash drives, high-speed solid-state drives, and even RAM itself, accelerating applications and accessing data faster than ever before.

PrimoCache license key implements a two-level cache architecture consisting of a level 1 cache and a level 2 cache. A level cache also called a primary cache, which is made of physical memory which is generally a secondary cache On a flash SSD it is clear that a disk drive or other fast storage device is much faster than a level cache, although generally much smaller, it allows you to configure a single level cache using a level 1 cache or Level 2 cache, as well as creating a bi-level cache using both layers of the cache. But with this program, you can connect part of your hard disk drive, SSD or flash memory to RAM

PrimoCache can terminate a hard drive with RAM cache, the drive benchmark score has increased more than 70 times sequential read/write and more than 500 times random read/write, reaching a maximum of 1000 times. So KB can handle almost any storage device faster, including system memory, cache, solid state drives, and flash drives to speed up relatively slow storage. All in all, a two-tier cache architecture has been created, which allows RAM and SSD caching at the same time. RAM cache is very fast, but SSD cache offers higher capacity and durable cache. You can also use one time caching.

PrimoCache Crack Free Download Full Version 

While searching for and viewing these illegal programs, websites that share so-called keygen, key generator or key hack. Download free PrimoCache or Warez full version o These infections can damage your computer installation or harm your personal life. PrimoCache Serial Key may contain a Trojan that opens a backdoor to your computer. Also, hackers can use this portal to control your data on your computer or use your computer to share viruses and spam with others and it is an interesting program to use flash memory and SSD drives instead of RAM. PrimoCache will work best on systems with unspecified cheats.

PrimoCache License Key is an interesting program for using flash memory and SSD instead of RAM. The program can run a temporary storage mechanism using flash drives, high-speed solid-state drives, and even RAM itself, speeding up applications and accessing data faster than ever before. The software will work best on systems with poor hardware specifications. For example, if a challenging game requires 6 GB of RAM while you only have 4 GB or less, you will encounter an error. But with this program, you can connect part of the SSD or flash drive to random access memory (RAM), so that the operating system thinks that the memory is larger and works without problems.

But with this primocache can connect part of your SSD hard drive or flash memory to RAM, so that the operating system can believe that the memory is larger and run smoothly. Or, if you have 32-bit Windows and can’t use all the RAM, this program can give the operating system all the RAM. Be careful, you won’t even have to reinstall 64-bit Windows. Even in powerful systems that use the right software and are properly configured, it can provide the right platform to speed up the execution of applications and operating systems. You can use both flash memory and solid state drives.

RAM Cache vs RAM Drive:

The differences between a RAM drive and a cache are significant. I’ve written several articles on RAM drives in the past. If you have computer memory (RAM) in reserve, it will be wasted and there will be no better use of it than your RAM drive. Except, of course, the RAM cache. PrimoCache Crack won’t go into details here, but the primary difference between the two is that the RAM drive is stupid, while the RAM cache is smart.

  1. A RAM drive allows you to store files and data in RAM, which is much faster to access than a hard drive, or even a solid state drive (SSD). It will only store what you put in it, not what it should put there. This makes it silly.
  2. The RAM cache will also store files and data in RAM, but it does so in a way that mimics your usage patterns. The more times you access something, the more likely it will be stored in RAM. This makes her smart.

What can you do with that?

  1.  If you have 4 GB of memory or more, you can use a portion of the memory as a cache to accelerate local drives, including mechanical drives, SSDs, flash drives, and iSCSI drives.
  2. If you have memory that Windows does not see, generally on 32-bit Windows, you can use this cache as a cache to speed up local disks and iSCSI disks.
  3. If you have an SSD and a mechanical disk in your system, you can partition part or all of this SSD as a cache to speed up the mechanical disk.
  4. If you have a spare USB 3.0 flash drive, you can use it as a temporary storage memory to speed up mechanical drives.

PrimoCache License Key in detail:

PrimoCache implements a two-level cache architecture consisting of a level 1 cache and a level 2 cache. The level 1 cache, also called the primary cache, is made up of physical memory. Level 2 cache is a secondary cache memory that is usually located on a solid state drive, flash drive, or other fast hard storage device. It is clear that a level 1 cache runs much faster than a level 2 cache, although it is usually much smaller. PrimoCache Cracked allows for a single-level cache to be configured using either a level 1 cache or a level 2 cache, as well as a two-level cache to be configured with both cache levels.


One of the main components of PrimoCache Activation Key is a storage class filter driver that is located in the storage stack and intercepts I/O requests for data to disk. If the requested data is contained in the cache, this request can be made by simply reading the cache, which is relatively faster. Otherwise, the data must be obtained from the disk. Therefore, the more requests that can be made from the cache, the better the overall performance of the system.

PrimoCache Key Features:

  • View system update host based on system monitoring and statistics
  • Supports all types of flash memory, all located on all hard drives as cache
  • Supports all kinds of flash memory, SSD as cache
  • Implementation of a two-tier cache architecture
  • Supports pre-cache data recovery
  • Supports a variety of caching strategies.
  • The operating system supports cache.
  • Supports cache data recovery
  • Supports a variety of caching strategies
  • Invisible memories to support the operating system.
  • The primocache desktop edition helps retrieve information from the cache.
  • Implement a smart and intelligent solution.
  • Buffering methods help: learn/write the buffer.
  • Help with stats and efficiency tracking.
  • Import photos and videos directly from Facebook.
  • Layer multiple videos with Picture-in-Picture.
  • Browse audio and video tracks, one frame at a time, for precise editing.
  • New filters, animations, and other collectibles are added every month.
  • Edit and export videos in up to 4K resolution.
  • Import, edit and export GIF files.
  • Noise canceling easily removes unnecessary background noise.
  • Flip the clip and play it in the opposite direction.
  • Import photos and videos directly from Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Create slow motion or time-lapse effects by making the clip up to 10 times faster or slower.
  • If the cache task does not start when Windows starts, you will not be able to successfully add volumes to the cache task, even if you change the settings later.

PrimoCache Crack Advanced Features:

Load apps and data faster

Efficiently store frequently used apps, documents, and other data on faster storage devices and access them at speeds similar to a RAM or SSD. Make your PC more responsive when creating, playing and producing with lower loading and loading times.

typing speed up

Complete write requests very quickly by temporarily storing the received data in RAM or SSD and then writing it back to the target hard drives. Let your computer handle heavy writing or I/O flow while reducing disk write and wear.

become 70 times faster? What is not impossible!

Measured on a mechanical hard drive with the primocache desktop edition RAM cache, drive benchmarks have increased over 70 times sequential read/write and over 500 or even 1000 times 4KB random read/write

Diverse and multi-level cache

It can interact with almost any faster storage device, including system memory, invisible storage, SSDs, and flash drives to speed up relatively slow storage.

Bi-level cache architecture

It was created, which can perform cache and SSD at the same time. The RAM cache is fast, while the SSD cache provides more capacity and persistent cache memory. The use of a single cache is also available.

simple and flexible

Set up caching and speed up storage with just a few clicks! Special features such as multiple caching strategies, different writing patterns, single read/write zone and individual volume control make caching flexible for different scenarios.

Do not migrate private data or devices

No reinstallation of Windows or applications, no migration of documents or data, no changes to IT infrastructure, no investment in proprietary hardware! Enjoy the benefits of fast storage on almost any computer.


primocache key

primocache license key

What’s New in PrimoCache 2022 Crack?

  • Supports all kinds of flash memory, SSD as cache.
  • Implementation of a two-level cache architecture.
  • Supports pre-recovery of cached data.
  • Supports various caching strategies: read/write cache, read-only cache, and write-only caching.
  • View system update hosts based on system statistics and monitor them.
  • BSOD can occur when empty cache tasks are deleted.
  • When you start Windows on some computers, GUI programs are not minimized.
  • Some issues with GUI tray icons.
  • PrimoCache License Key Adjusts the white balance and dynamic range of the clip.
  • Then add pan and zoom to the still image.
  • Place multiple layers of videos on a picture-in-picture path.
  • Adjusts the audio for each track on the timeline.

PrimoCache License Keys:


System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 50MB of free hard disk space required.

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How to Download and Use PrimoCache Crack For free?

  • First, you need to download PrimoCache from the given link
  • Uninstall the previous version (if you have it) with IObit Uninstaller Pro
  • Now turn off your antivirus for a while
  • Now open the downloaded file folder and extract the program
  • Run the program file and close it completely.
  • Then open the “Crack” or “Patch” folder, copy and paste it into the installation directory and run it.
  • Use the given keys to activate it.
  • everything is ready! Use Now PrimoCache [Latest] for Free.


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